Porcelain Dental Crowns Fused to Metal

Porcelain Dental Crowns Fused to Metal restorations - Avondale Dentist, Charles C. Clausen, DDS Fused ceramic dental crowns are cosmetic dental restorations that completely cover a tooth being restored. Unlike the All-Ceramic crown, a Fused ceramic crown is designed for a tooth that is subjected to high biting force.

Ceramic crowns fused to metal are opaque and provide a near natural looking tooth replacement with the added strength of the metal base. Ceramic fused crowns are a good choice for restoring visible teeth where function and durability are more important than aesthetics.

Fused ceramic crowns offer a natural looking solution for a broken tooth, cracked tooth, or teeth that will take more stress than is practical for an all-ceramic dental crown. Ceramic crowns can be colored to match the surrounding teeth.

Dental Crown Placement Procedure Time Frame

  • Time to complete - Dr. Clausen usually requires two dental visits to install a crown.
  • 1st procedure visit - Dr. Clausen prepares the tooth or dental implant for the crown. Dr. Clausen will shape the tooth so that a crown can be fitted over it. He makes an impression of the tooth and surrounding gum tissue. The dental impression is sent to a dental laboratory that will fabricate the crown. Dr. Clausen provides a temporary crown to cover the tooth until the permanent crown is ready.
  • 2nd visit - Dr. Clausen will replace the temporary crown with the permanent crown.

Disadvantages of a ceramic dental crown fused to metal

Ceramic crowns fused to metal are not the best choice for front teeth where a natural looking smile is desired. While stronger than the all-ceramic crown, the base of the crown is gold or a Nobel metal and is not white; the underlying metal makes the tooth appear slightly more opaque.

A metal fused crown is not the best choice for the rear molars where tremendous chewing pressure is exerted. Gold dental crowns are recommended for teeth requiring the greatest strength.

Dental work and service life

A porcelain fused to metal crown will generally last about twenty years. With good oral hygiene most crowns last longer. Dr. Clausen's success with dental restorations comes from engineering the crown to withstand biting and chewing force over time. He prepares teeth with longevity in mind; dental work that is built correctly, so it will last.

Other dental crown options

We offer several dental crowns and restorative options including dental inlays, and dental onlays. Dr. Clausen will help you decide which dental crown is the most appropriate to achieve the strongest and the most natural looking restoration for your smile.

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