Orthodontic Braces Types

There are two basic types of orthodontic braces: attached and removable. Both types of braces have their pluses and minuses.

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Avondale Orthodontics - Adult orthodontic types of braces


Invisalign® & Bioliners™ Clear Solutions to Orthodontic Correction

  • Bioliners are more limited in the types of corrections than Invisalign
  • Biweekly changes of progressive retainers
  • Easy to clean - non staining
  • Limited in the amount of correction compared to wired braces
  • Nearly invisible
  • Removable for eating and special occasions
  • Traditional wire braces may be required after treatment to correct some problems

Ceramic, Clear, and Tooth Colored Braces

  • Blend well with most teeth
  • Ceramic brackets are usually more expensive than traditional metal brackets
  • Monthly adjustment
  • More comfortable than metal 
  • Stay on as well as metal brackets and are very strong
  • Clear or white ligatures can stain
  • Treatment with ceramic braces can take a few months longer

Metal Braces

  • Irritates gums for first few weeks
  • Least expensive of all the types of braces
  • Require the least amount of correction time
  • Very strong and can withstand most types of treatment
  • Very visible

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