Implant Retained Dentures - Fixed vs Removable Dentures

Implant dentures or implant retained dentures provide denture wearers with a new quality of life and dental health. Dental implants have become the restoration of choice for replacing missing teeth. Implant retained dentures provide superior performance and usability.

Implant-retained dentures are far superior to conventional removable dentures. Chewing ability with complete conventional dentures about 15% compared to natural teeth. Implant-retained dentures function like natural teeth and provide up to 100% chewing function.

Implant retained dentures & X-ray

Fixed or Removable Implant Retained Dentures

Patients have more choices with fixed and removable implant retained dentures.

Implant retained denture - removable & fixed dentures

Fixed implant retained dentures require more implants than a removable implant retained denture because the denture is permanently affixed onto the implants and requires greater stabilization. Implant retained dentures feel much more natural than removable dentures and chewing efficiency is completely restored.

Removable implant retained dentures require fewer implants; Four dental implants securely hold an upper denture allowing the size of the plate to be reduced or eliminated from the denture altogether. Plate reduction or elimination feels more natural and allows for the better tasting of food. Just two implants under a lower denture can improve stability and restore chewing efficiency up to 90% of normal. Four implants provide up to 100% normal chewing efficiency. Removable dentures also allow for easier maintenance and cleaning.

Dental Implant Placement Procedure Time Frame

  • Time to complete - Dr. Clausen usually requires three to four dental visits to place the dental implants and the placement of implant retained dentures. Fabrication of the denture(s) may take between three to six weeks and additional healing time may be required taking up to eight weeks for the procedure.
  • 1st procedure visit - Dr. Clausen will X-ray and then decide with his oral surgeon the placement location for the dental implants.
  • 2nd visit - Our oral surgeon will perform the placements. Dr. Clausen may use a temporary denture until the permanent dentures are fabricated.
  • 3rd visit - Healing / progress visit and we take impressions for custom implant abutments and denture(s) and send to the dental lab.
  • 4th visit - Dr. Clausen will place the denture(s) on the implants and make any required adjustments.

Because there are a few methods of placing dental implants based on the patient's age, supporting jawbone structure, dental health and unique situation, the placement procedure and the healing time will vary from person to person. Depending on the patient’s condition, an immediate functioning temporary denture can be placed after surgery. A popular implant retained dentures option for patients in good dental health is the All-on-4® dental implants procedure also known as Implants in a Day.

Implant Retained Dentures vs Conventional Dentures

There are differences to consider between implant retained dentures and conventional dentures including comfort level, confidence level, cost and durability:

  • Comfort - Many denture wearers experience discomfort at sometime. Gum tissues tend to shrink over time leaving the denture with a loose fit. A loose denture can cause gum irritation and mouth sores. Over the life of the denture, adjustments are needed due to gum and jawbone shrinkage. Denture wearers must use a messy dental adhesive to achieve the best fit. Upper dentures also diminish the taste of food because the palate is covered. Dental implants are permanent, natural looking and very functional. Implants have none of the negatives associated with conventional dentures and fully restore the biting and chewing force as natural teeth.
  • Confidence Level - Dentures tend to slip, and have an impact on the wearers' ability to speak and eat. Dental implants/implant retained dentures have no slippage. Properly placed, implants and implant retained dentures are stable and function like natural teeth.
  • Cost - Dentures can be fabricated quickly. Dental implants can be a major investment both in their initial cost. However, the cost is offset in the quality of your life and dental health. Gums with conventional dentures shrink over time, requiring additional office visits for periodic adjustments and denture replacements. There is no gum or bone loss associated with implant retained dentures and there for no related maintenance costs.
  • Durability - Dentures are strong enough to last a lifetime. Because conventional dentures slip and do nothing to prevent gum mass shrinkage and bone loss, they require maintenance. Gum shrinkage often results in the need for a denture refitting or a replacement. Dental implants help preserve the patient's gum and bone mass by preventing denture slippage. Implants and implant retained dentures are dependable and a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth.

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